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Our non-surgical procedures offer non-invasive and minimally invasive ways to treat various pelvic floor disorders. Women looking for non-surgical procedures in Kansas City prefer the safe and effective services of Urogynecology of Kansas City. We provide a number of alternative treatment options for a variety of health conditions.


Women suffering from a prolapse can choose from several non-surgical options. These include Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and a silicone vaginal device called a pessary, which supports the vaginal walls and surrounding structures.

Urinary Incontinence

When it comes to urinary incontinence, we may recommend various lifestyle and behavioral changes, pelvic floor muscle therapy, certain medications, or PTNS. PTNS, or percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, is a non-surgical procedure recommended when medications or other therapies are not effective.

Painful Intercourse

For women experiencing painful intercourse, we offer several non-surgical treatment options. Patients may be interested in our state-of-the-art MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation. We also offer pelvic floor muscle therapy, dilators, and medications depending on the symptoms and preferences of our patients.

Fecal Incontinence

We treat fecal incontinence using conservative management solutions. We recommend lifestyle and behavior changes including diet and fitness, hygiene, pelvic floor muscle exercises, bowel training, and physical therapy.

We also have devices such as a pessary, Eclipse vaginal insert, adhesive patches, and anal plugs. For medications, we have OTC medicines (fiber supplementation and loperamide) and prescription medicines (diphenoxylate and atropine, as well as amitriptyline).

Mesh Complications

Mesh complications like discharge and pain can occur after vaginal mesh has been placed to address a prolapse or another gynecologic issue. If you are suffering from mesh complications, we provide many conservative non-surgical treatment methods.

Interstitial Cystitis

While Interstitial Cystitis (IC) has no cure, we offer different treatment options to alleviate its symptoms. Our conservative treatments include lifestyle and behavioral modifications, physical therapies, and medications.

Recurrent UTIs

Recurrent urinary tract infections have a number of potential causes. We recommend non-surgical treatments based on the cause of the recurrent UTIs.

Pelvic Pain

Numerous patients suffer from pelvic pain. We recommend the new SoLa pelvic therapy, which uses photobiomodulation to treat pelvic floor myalgia-muscle pain.


We utilize several different devices to treat various pelvic floor disorders. These include vaginal dilators, massage tools (vaginal and rectal), pelvic wands, the Ohnut, pelvic floor pulsators, and natural lubricants.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns and conduct a physical examination to determine the nature of your pelvic floor disorder. We will check your medical records before creating a personalized treatment plan. The details of this treatment plan will be discussed with you, and we will be happy to address any questions.

Non-Surgical Procedures Cost

The price of non-surgical procedures will depend on the treatment plan. The devices used, conservative management strategies, and therapies included in the treatment plan will impact the total cost of treatment.

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If you are suffering from any form of pelvic floor disorder and are in need of a non-surgical procedure in Kansas City, come to Urogynecology of Kansas City. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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