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Vaginal prolapse surgery recovery is an essential part of the surgical process. It is just as important as the surgery itself, since the tissues are healing and complications can occur. Here at Urogynecology of Kansas City, we recognize the importance of vaginal prolapse surgery recovery for our Kansas City patients and provide them with comprehensive post-surgery instructions.


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What Happens During Vaginal Prolapse Surgery Recovery?

Depending on the extent of repairs, the recovery period after vaginal prolapse surgery can last from one to six weeks. The patient may experience cramping or pressure in the pelvic area. The pain may last from two to six weeks. Prescription and over-the-counter pain medications can be used for pain relief as directed.

Regarding physical activities, the patient can get up and walk on the same day of the surgery. Depending on the health and recovery rate of the patient, it is also possible to resume certain physical activities the next day. These light physical activities include taking a shower, dressing on one’s own, and cooking. The timeline for when the patient can return to work will vary according to the nature of their work and recovery.

Do’s During Recovery

For a smoother recovery after vaginal prolapse surgery, it’s best to:

  • Get plenty of rest – Getting sufficient rest can boost recovery and healing.
  • Take it easy – Forcing your body to move and perform everyday activities right after the surgery can cause complications. Instead, it’s best to gradually increase the difficulty of physical activities during the recovery process as directed.
  • Take medications as prescribed – The surgeon will prescribe certain medications for your recovery process. You will need to follow the instructions carefully and must only take medications prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Take care of your incisions – You need to keep the incisions clean according to the recovery instructions. This will ensure a smooth recovery while preventing complications.
  • Manage your diet – Your diet should contain food that can boost the healing properties of your body. Foods high in protein and fiber are often recommended. The surgeon will tell you which foods should be included in your diet.

Don’ts During Recovery

Certain activities can delay your recovery and must be avoided, such as:

  • Smoking – Aside from being instructed to stop smoking at least two months before surgery, smoking is also prohibited during recovery. Nicotine can increase the risk of infection and delay the healing process.
  • Sexual activities – Engaging in vaginal intercourse will not be allowed for at least six weeks (depending on the instructions of the surgeon). You may need a post-operative appointment to find out when it is safe for you to resume sexual activities.
  • Strenuous physical exercises – You will not be allowed to perform strenuous workouts for the first few weeks after a vaginal prolapse surgery.

What Can I Expect from the Results?

You can expect long-term results, as most women who underwent vaginal prolapse surgery achieved reduced symptoms without the need for re-operation, even after ten years.

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